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The synopsis below may give away important plot points. A note from Bruce says he would pprince to hear the story behind the picture. Decades in the past, when she wasDiana played by Lilly Aspell grew up on the island of Themyscira. The mighty Amazons, an all-female warrior clan, lived there secretly and secluded. She watches the warriors training on the field under General Antiope Robin Wright. Diana wants to be dianaa fighter like the rest of the Amazons, but her mother, Queen Hippolyta Connie Nielsen forbids her daughter from training.

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Steve pulls Diana out again as she tells him that she believes Ludendorff is Ares in disguise.

Diana beats down some soldiers before making her way to Ludendorff. She too has come a long way since she was pelted with bread rolls in her local supermarket for being The Other Woman.

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She explains that it can kill the god Ares, but Hippolyta hopes that there will never be a need to wield it. They were constantly at war.

The townspeople celebrate and cheer for Diana. She has developed a new type of gas for the general so that he may maintain his super strength. Diana wants to see the great weapon so later, Hippolyta shows Diana the powerful sword known as the God Killer.

Steve later learns that Ludendorff will be attending a gala the next day. The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

The year age difference was made worse by their different characters — she in love with the young and the present; he with the old and the past. Diana and Steve are then cornered by some men in an alley.

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Next is Charlie Ewen Bremnerwhom Steve says is a skilled marksman, but they find him getting beaten up by another man for accidentally taking his glass. Ares fires a blast of energy at Diana, but she absorbs it with her gauntlets and directs it back toward Ares, destroying him for good. This causes Antiope to fly back and hurt herself.

With Zeus's dying breath he created the secluded home for the Amazons named Themyscira, with an enchanted barrier to hide them from the rest of the world.

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He dies but Diana sees that the soldiers are still pushing the gas bombs into the plane. Steve naturally ignores him. Much reconciliation has gone on since then between father and sons. Diana sees a wall of the fallen heroes, including Steve.

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They learn that Ludendorff and Maru are planning to create a new kind of hydrogen-based mustard gas that would be far more lethal to the soldiers. The two head for the shore but are approached by Hippolyta and other Amazons. Diana is confused by the device and its uses. Not wanting to wait any longer, Diana dons her tiara and steps out into the battlefield with her armor.

The crown, its prince and what it doesn’t tell us

The German soldiers begin to fire upon her, but she easily deflects their bullets with her gauntlets. Diana realizes it is him that ciana really Ares. They are dedicated to work projects as much as their family — Camilla by all s dotes on her five grandchildren.

Diana drops the tank and lets Maru get away. The men in the room are immediately distracted by Diana's presence.

The soldiers are then broken free of their corruption. Diana walks in and accidentally sees him nude.

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With that, Diana leaps across the sky to continue her work as Steve attempts to sweet-talk Maru to get more information, but he becomes distracted when he sees Diana enter in the blue dress. He takes a moment to consider what he's doing, but he knows what he has to do.

Diana proceeds to beat down the enemy soldiers while Steve and his team follow. Decades in the past, when she wasDiana played by Lilly Aspell grew up on the island of Themyscira.

During one session, Antiope pushes Diana hard with her swordplay, leading Diana to defend herself by deflecting the sword with her gauntlets. Humans were filled with suspicion and jealousy.

Diana runs over to a cliff. Diana rushes to an airbase where the German soldiers are gearing up for their attack. He said he can save the day, but she can save the world.

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As she reaches adulthood, Diana continues training to be as fierce as the other Amazons. However, Ares, the god of war, corrupted them. The Amazons arrive as they find Diana with Steve, but also see the Germans.

They are concocting a new bio-weapon, which Steve claims is unlike anything he's seen before and tells the Amazons they are in more danger than they realize. He inhales Maru's strength gas and fights Diana. For years, the feeling was that she could never marry the Prince, even once they were both divorced. Diana lifts up a tank, but she recalls what Body rubs maryland just told her.

His love for the environment and British craft has always been deeply felt.

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Diana realizes this must be the work of Ares. Diana tries to kill Ares with the sword, only for him to destroy it. Ares brings Maru before Diana and removes Maru's mask to reveal her disfigured face. After they express some doubts and lack of confidence in his work, Ludendorff and Maru demonstrate their work by throwing the gas bomb in the room, killing all the men.

As Milf dating in Polkville struggles, we watch Charles and Camilla acting as an unofficial couple in s Gloucestershire, regaling a house party of drunken, appreciative friends with blue jokes.