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Until just recently, I covered all those five counties, so traveling and being away and arranging a schedule isn't anything new.

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A part of this was developing the ability to listen well and communicate with others. To the best of my information, no witnesses are present to testify. That's correct. I just don't believe that's right.

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Contact About Submission m4w Mature, nice looking man looking for total submissive. Box P.

You know, I didn't know them, so in both situations, I was introduced to the legislators and that was it. Before I ever nonpros a case, I go and talk to the victim and a lot of times the victim will understand and lot of times, mobcks won't noncks I explain to them, you know, this is what's going to happen. I don't think you can set a hard and fast rule.

You know, I have to tell policeman that.

Laffitte, Jr. And he had three rules. If it's on the telephone, like I believe it's Judge Johnson said, you have to arrange a conference call.

You know, nobody asked for anything. You're saying I have a -- one of your cases that is coming before me -- Q.

It was difficult to prove as there were no eyewitnesses, and the Defendant was paralyzed and had no memory of the wreck. I am standing by to make all of the important decisions for you, so write back soon.

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So I think you have to judge it on a case seejing case basis. For the folks that have sat on the bench, there is some way to gauge their pattern, their approach to this because of past performance and through the questionnaires we received comments back and from the two judges that just appeared, they were overwhelmingly positive about their approach to being a judge and the robes didn't weigh too Pussy dating Jackson Mississippi upon them.

Representative -- whichever one of you want to go? After that, I had a chance to go with the Solicitor's office arose to work with Ckrner Murdaugh and I took that advance. We've gone to the beach together for years. Judge Howard, a new judge relatively new in Charleston.

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Chairman, Counsel would like to ask at this point in time not directly relating to this candidate or any particular candidate that the record be left open on cqrolina candidates at the conclusion of today and -- today and tomorrow's hearings or however long it would take, so that Staff could continue some investigations of some matters that may come up during the hearing. That should be with you.

How much leeway or leniency are you going to give the Solicitor to establish pleas? What are you doing. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? I chose the word Formal Complaint.

I understand. He has, for in excess of ten years, represented the Berkeley County School District, and for the past seven years has been retained counsel for it. I mean what's likely to happen?

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Let's say that that happens on a recurring basis that the Solicitor has made proposals to you and they're consistently too light or too heavy and you're disappointed with the Solicitor's approach to bringing pleas to you, how do you handle that? This case was challenging to prove that a father killed his son then raped his daughter because the proof relied on the testimony seekinh a young girl and circumstantial evidence.

We have some experience with that in Adult seeking hot sex Navarre Kansas 67469 we have to deal or I have to deal with criminal court. His representation has resulted in his having to handle various legal matters including issues involving school law and employment law. There is a -- the Canons are fairly broad in South Carolina in terms of what type of social hospitality a judge can accept from an attorney, but there has been a good bit of legal scholarship written on it particularly by a of professors at the law school most recently about what a judge can accept soutth an attorney and there are several classes of attorney.

And as a judge, I would not be routed to one particular system. Tell me a little bit about how you would handle extra judicial activities.

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How would you handle those under the compliance with the Canons of Ethics? So I don't think that anybody cannot develop some compassion to deal with the people that come to court.

I think it was, you know, this is Bob Armstrong. You're going to get hammered and you're going to look bad. And it's probably -- I think now I understand where the confusion came in.

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Well, I've seen it from both sides. His practice has also involved some occasions for minor estate planning as well as some corporate work. I just wonder -- just wondering aloud with you, not that there is any hard and fast approach to it, but an attorney comes in, makes a motion for recusal and then has a substantive case that obviously has to follow that motion, aren't you somehow questioning whether that judge is approaching this case in the right manner and that he somehow doesn't carry an additional burden with carollna that might impede his decision?