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Keep on trucking. Armando - CA I am tired of the fear mongering that prevents us from moving forward. The laws that invade our privacy and target groups by race or religion are unconstitutional and need to be repealed.

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Celinda - NY Individual freedoms should never be compromised in the name of national security. We cannot let this beacon be extinguished. In order to squate a real American and a true Patriot, you have to believe in what the Constitution says and follow it. Cassandra - CA Stand firm in your right to bear arms and freedom of speech.

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Betsy - IL Stand Strong! Bond - FL I stand for Freedom, not fear. They are the source of our self-respect, and the way we earn the respect of the world. Like random acts of kindness, freedom is grace when facing fear.

I was not a fan of George W. Christine A. Buddyy - NY We must re-claim our constitutional Republic now under usurpation by evil Corporatercrafters of imagined nobility and hereditary privilege.

Live Free Brian K. These freedoms need to be restored immediately. We must never give in to the tyranny that some would promote.

Liberty, privacy, and ability of government are all at stake on this slippery slope. Let us look forward with courage instead, and once more be the Land of the Free.

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Avery - OR Even in times of the greatest peril, under foreign invasion and during civil insurrection, Indian love sex constitutional guarantees of freedom have NEVER been so circumscribed as they are today. Catherine - AZ I want our country to use the memory of to begin reflecting on and acting to accomplish that which is good for its citizens.

It is time to change the policies of war and return to the principles of freedom and democracy and civil liberties. Benita - CA Nothing will ever convince me that the Bush Family - with the help of their corporate friends in Dubai and other parts of the Corporate Universe had nothing to do with the ultimate, killing and robbery of human life and freedom.

Arnold - NJ American's deserve a better life, one that was crafted by the Constitution in and whose values have continued to be eroded by an self-serving government. Carol - IL Without our constitution we have no democracy.

Black - PA There is no greater threat to us than the removal of freedoms. We must remember that while America protects its own freedom, we must do so wisely and without compromising the values that define the best of America. Without adherence to those values, without ability to ensure adherence, We, the People, and our Freedoms cease to exist.

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Charanjit - NY There are people who prey for justice while others fight for it I believe we need to return to first principals to save it. Barry - MN Historically the countries with the largest security infrastructure - the Soviet Union, North Korea ,Apartheid South Africa - lack liberty and offer no security for the Older black pussy nj mi. But, especially during times of crisis -- Never!

Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. It still stuns me that the greatest threat to our freedoms comes from our own government and its officials.

Bill - AL No amount of security is worth giving up any freedoms. That's advice for all bound by our Constitution, even fucj Universities, Corporations, Government, and Military. Benno - MD Barbara - NH Let us not use fear to erode our civil liberties and subject ourselves to ever-broadening surveillance and data gathering.

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I think we have seen that war does little to improve the conditions of the world. We become, instead, the Antithesis. As evidence may I point to the internment of the Japanese American citizens after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7,the communist witch hunts under Joe Mccarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee during the Cold War and most recently the limitation of rights and personal freedoms under the Patriot Act including the acts of rendition,enhanced interrogation techniques and the internment of political prisoners indefinitely at Quantanamo Base Gitmo as well as the actions perpetrated at Abu Garaib.

Catherine - TX If you destroy the foundations of this country to defend it, then what are you defending.

Keep on trucking. Carol - CA We must continue to stand firm squre ACLU's fight for justice believing that every voice can make a difference in preserving our collective and individual freedom.

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Chance - CA I am an OIF Veteran and after witnessing the harsh reality of the Iraq War first hand, I believe these wars will undermine this nation and Casual sex Everett reduce our influence throughout the globe by undermining our citizens rights and freedoms to which the world has squuare looked upon as a beacon of hope.

Restore freedoms and be not afraid!

Bonnie - NY To give in to fear allows us to become terrorists.