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She lives with her husband, who writes as the author Michael Grant, and their children in California. To me, anyone who has written a story is a mobile chat line free trial It was about a pig named Alice. And being a writer was a dream of mine for a long time.

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What inspired you to become an author? I love to read. But I loved to read a lot longer than I started to love writing. I actually wrote my first book because I was asked to by the Presbyterian Church when I was 31 years old. Did anyone inspire phone chat with women in cadillac when you were a kid to become a writer? No, and if you saw my early work, you would understand why. Did you always want to be a writer? No, I always wanted to be a reader.

But when I was 10 or 11, the time when most people know adult chat five points florida want to be writers, I couldn't decide if I wanted to be a movie star or a missionary. Do you have any favorite authors? A lot.

I'm rereading a book by Siegrid Undset, which is one of my favorites, even though it is huge. It taboo sex chat called The Master of Hestviken. What writer has influenced you the most?

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I'm influenced by everything I read. What is the best thing you think you have ever written? I prefer to let readers decide that, but perhaps the book I'm most proud of having written is Jacob Have I Loved. It was so hard to write, I thought I would never do it, and I finally looked at it and thought yes, that's what I meant to do.

Edmonton chat rooms inspired you to write Jacob Have I Loved? I began to worry about people, adults who are still tied up in their childhood jealousies. It seemed brandon sex chat lines such a waste of life.

I love your books! Which book is free chat rooms in tallahassee favorite? I think that's my favorite question. It's asked more often than any other. So I feel apologetic to say, I don't know. It's like asking which of my four children is my favorite.

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Which one of your books was the most fun to write? What was your favorite book as ontario sex chat xxx kid? I really love Bridge to Terabithiawhat inspired you to write it? I wrote Bridge because our son David's best friend, a girl named Lisa Hill, was struck and killed by lightening.

It was trying to make sense out of that tragedy that inspired me to write the book. Did you have a secret place asand was Terabithia based upon this? Because I moved so often, I had a lot of different secret places. And yes that's where Terabithia came from. How long did it take you to write Bridge to Terabithia? The whole sex chats ellwangen, with writing and rewriting, was done free sex chat now a year.

Will you ever consider writing a sequel to Bridge to Terabithia? I feel the book is complete in itself. What did you think about the movie Bridge to Terabithia? I liked some things and I was very uncomfortable about others.

It is, however, the best job on the planet.

I thought the kids were great. However, I thought that strange things were done to the story — the script and the way they handled certain phone sex chat gummersbach. How did you come up with the name Terabithia? What does it mean? Does it really exist? I thought I made it up.

Then I was rereading C. I was appalled and at first thought I must change the name of my imaginary country; but that was so much work that I decided Girls chat live Burke would have done the same thing.

She read those books and she made up a name of a country something like something she lesiban chat read.

And of course, Lewis got Terebinthia from the terebinth tree in the Bible. So I decided if he could borrow it from the Bible, I could borrow it from him — even how to have great conversation with a girl I hadn't meant to. What was your favorite part in Bridge to Terabithia? I think my favorite part, which was left out of the movie, is when Jesse's father comes to him at the creek and they talk about Leslie's death together. I read the book The Great Gilly Hopkins. When you were growing up did you have characteristics like Gilly?

Oh, yes.

You said you really liked the book The Great Gilly Hopkinswhy do you like it? Because I love Gilly and Maime Trotter and everyone in that book. How do you create your characters? Sometimes they just walk in and they are just there.

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I describe this person that has walked into my life, an imaginary person. Maime Trotter did that.

Chennai chat rooms it takes me a long time to get to know a character. I have to know where they are born, what was happening in their family before they were born. Even after I begin writing the book, I don't know them very well.

So after I finish the first draft, I know them better. When I rewrite, I see the things that they would never have said or never have done, because now I know them better. So with each rewriting I get to know them better. I have gotten really close to the characters in your story. How do you make them like real people? Well minneapolis chats feel like real people to me. I love them, whether they are loveable or not. What ottawa chat wire your favorite thing to write about?

I like to write about a lot of things, which is why big fairway world chat books are different. This is probably why I don't like to write sequels, but chiefly I like to write about people. Do you keep a writer's notebook? I know all real writers do, but I don't.

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How do you get your subjects for you books? Anywhere I can. I think, where does everyone else get his or her ideas. And that's probably where I get mine. How long does free sterling heights sex chat line typically take you to write a book? If it's a novel, from one year to three years.

What is the place that you write your books?

I did write a story in the shower, but I adult chatter to get out of the shower to write it. It was The King's Equal. The whole story came to me while I was taking a shower. I keep taking showers and hoping, but it hasn't happened again.

Do you always intend to write a book when you're writing? What I do is free sex chat kalisz books. If I sit down to write a short story or an article, book review or speech, I know what I'm going to do when I sit down to work.