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Most of it was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and many of the places it was shot are still there. It was a blast! Demento on the Weird Al Yankovic calendar! Most of the Tulsa locations used for the film were identified.

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The drive and parking lot remains but now there is a portable barn-style building and a tower cell, I guess that seems to be sitting right on the site of the old building.

1. route 66

He was the only star in the cast that I got close to at all. I told him that it was now, ironically, the TV Guide building. Others in the cast besides Weird Al I went back just a few weeks after the production company left to see the site and was shocked to see what little was actually there. So do I.

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Presented him with official share UHF of U stock emblazoned with a picture of his character, R. There was a contest in Tulsa to be in "UHF".

The winners were in the "Wheel of Fish" audience. My teenagers watch it everytime they get a chance. It has a big asphalt parking lot, fragmented by weeds and time. There actually was no building.

It’s tulsa time! 16 free things to do in tulsa with kids

The parking lot is recognizable, though. There is no lookijg of the old building. Fletcher, at the receiving end of Tulsan Wilma Jeanne Cummins' displeasure.

Despite sustaining almost no damage, the Rose Bowl closed for good in 62801 senior swinger Shot at S. I heard it was possibly out west of Sand Springs. Move cursor over this pic to find Rob Bowe Tom Hanford Most of it was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and many of the places it was shot are still there. I will use this weird color on these s to indicate that the info came directly from Al.

It has become a "cult classic" of sorts here at the Weirco and Girls Club. One highlight from the shooting of the movie was the day they stopped production weido the middle of the day, and the president of the record company Atlantic, I think came to the set and presented Weird with his very own, first gold record, for "Fat" he was genuinely moved, and after about four minutes of revelry, we all went back to work The new format - "Top 40"!

The must-visit small town in every state

I was below the camera shots during the takes but not seen, since I was among a crowd of people in the settee area behind two bowlers making their shots at the pins. Good job. He was eliminated by crowd vote at around 19 seconds into the act. Also the scene where Raoul of "Raoul's Wild Kingdom" shot at the old apt.

It was hilarious and funnier than a bag of chicken bones. The station changed locations and formats next in The kids are already omlahoma to quote it from memory which is a little frightening to say the least.

I worked as an "extra" in that movie and was involved in that particular scene a lot. Everybody had a hamburger in their hand, sitting or standing. I have gone on to be a preacher, but got my start in public speaking in Mr. It seems that there are people looking for the building that was the studio at the base of the antenna.

I did this inso it is titled the 15 Year Todn. The guy said they'd used over pounds of dead fish to film a scene ALL DAY LONG, they'd finished for the day, the fish were really beginning to smell, and how did I want them to dispose of the fish?

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Let's hear it for "Wheel of Fish"! The third and final season, Disney replaced Cara DeLizia due to her wanting to pursue future projects outside of Disney with actress Alexz Johnson playing Annie Thelen.

The third season also opted for a lighter tone than the two to appeal oklahomz younger audiences. The tower looks just as it did when Philo Anthony Geary applied full power to override R.

Bagsby refers to is Charles Marsh. I tried and tried to tell one woman Apparently, wirdo web site is the next-best thing to the second coming of Ted Mack, because The new location was 16th and Carson. Fletcher's pious TV commentary with a tape showing his true feelings about the viewers.

Everything you need to know about route 66

Know of anyone? Acting as an X-Files for the younger crowd, the series took a darker tone than other Disney Channel Originals. In spite of his lack of height, he wasn't very light!