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Like Ellie, the actor Michael J Fox was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's at the age of 29, and he's still acting occasionally in his late 50s.

Twenty-two months after Charlie was born, in NovemberEllie gave birth to her daughter, Sophie. Ellie says she felt extremely anxious throughout the whole of her pregnancy, even though the dose of her medication was reduced. Treatments are very effective, he says, but there is nothing that can stop it in its tracks.

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Her GP suspected the problem was something called "essential tremor", a movement disorder, but Ellie wasn't convinced. This may have happened for a of different reasons: The is temporarily offline for updating You may have typed the URL youngre into the address bar of your browser The has been moved or removed from our site.

Although a third of people with the condition get it before the age of 65, only one in 20 get it below lookiing age of 45, and only one in below the age of 40, according to Prof Huw Morris, consultant neurologist at the Royal Free Hospital and professor of clinical neuroscience at University College London. Treatment for Parkinson's therefore includes dopamine replacement.

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In no way was I prepared to sacrifice that because of this condition. And obviously, having a newborn, it's a lot to cope with. View original tweet on Twitter People are often shocked when they meet her for the first time, she says. Ellie and her fiance, Tom, had already planned to marry the following March and soon after returning from their honeymoon, Ellie realised she was pregnant.

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At first it was just a tremor in her left little finger, then her left leg started to go from under her as she ran. The symptoms - slower movements, stiffness and sometimes tremors - are caused by a loss of nerve spanisb in the brain, and a reduction in the amount of dopamine, the chemical in the brain that helps with movement.

After seeing a neurologist in April she underwent a series of scans and tests and was finally diagnosed with the condition that August. One year-old Two kids, aged 4 and 2 Three different medications Five years living with parkinsons And I don't even look like your neighbour's friend's gran. She buys shoes with Youngre fastenings to avoid problems with laces.

For more information see Parkinson's Is She first experienced symptoms when she was training for a half marathon in About sharing At 29, Ellie Finch Hulme was diagnosed with a condition often associated with much older people - Parkinson's disease. She took the decision not to breastfeed Charlie because of the risk that the drugs would be passed Gym guy 4 fitness girl him through her breast milk - she was told this was higher than the risk of them reaching the foetus had been.

Holding him on her left side she would bottle feed him with her right hand, but it wasn't easy to keep her arm in a comfortable position - especially when she was doing it in public.

I was lokking concerned," she says. She decided it wasn't going to stop her living her life the way she wanted to. Ellie says her hopes for the future are mostly the same as any person with children.

Ellie doesn't fit the stereotype of someone with Parkinson's disease, as one of her recent tweets makes clear. This led her to suspect she had Parkinson's before it was confirmed. But it's a lot for any parent," she says.

But a lot of my friends were like, 'No, don't get ahead of yourself, it won't be that, it can't be that.