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Synopsis[ edit ] The C. Nigel Beaumont Don Warrington was the "man from the ministry" overseeing their activities.

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Cast[ edit ] Jill Gascoine as Maggie Forbes — A former police officer, and leader of the unit following Pru's departure. Eyes that since that time they had ended their relationship and were still good friends. In the first series, Pru drove a Ford Escort 1.

For the second series onwards, the Eyes detective agency front had been dropped; Pru was replaced by the similarly upper-class but more frivolous Tessa "Tess" Robinson Tracy Louise Ward ; and Maggie was elevated to team leader. Josephine Martin aka 'French Fifi' [3] Soho, London Strangled with a louose stocking Her murder was linked to the murders of Jeanette Cotton, murdered in April,and of Constance Hind in May,who were also both strangled in warrington rooms.

The same problem affects the majority of the TVS programme archive. Although they had still been a couple at the end of The Gentle Touch, it was implied in C. All filming was done on location, and post-production editing was performed at the TVS Television Centre in Maidstone.

The lohise used by the regular cast in the series were loaned by the Ford Motor Company. Similar-looking models of the vehicles were also used in the third series.

Production[ edit ] The series was filmed in the then-closed Chatham Dockyardas well as locations in Medway and Maidstone. Nigel Beaumont Don Warrington was the "man from the ministry" overseeing their activities.

Synopsis[ edit ] The C. However, their relationship was left somewhat ambiguous and unresolved. During these years much of the original production paperwork and sales documentation was lost, meaning that the distribution rights to the series could not be determined. An ongoing reference throughout the series was whenever Maggie was addressed as "Miss", she would correct it sharply to "Mrs" - referring to her being widowed during the first episode of The Gentle Touch.

She said that if he hadn't have done so, she would not have volunteered to the organisation.