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Still we come ready to praise God in this glorious day. Let's stand up and sing his praise. Let's see. I see. That we.

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We love you in your name.

Out of the dark. It has occurred. What's the? To the wise men and how they responded that entire song, he is focused on light how there's an epiphany of revelation uh a shining of light that caught the attention of some and led them to Christ.

Christmas Eve is uh around the corner you heard about the exciting program tonight and hope to see us see you all there. To the king of Kings, the Prince of Emmanuel. When God seems distant removed um absent and we wonder if God cares if there nudw is a god if happiness and contentment can only be achieved and found by what I can do what I can master.

And yet they nudr God was there God was at work so it makes sense to believe that they left spiritually different they had bowed in worship in homage they offered their treasures. Shortly after sunset shortly after sunset and and you catch a glimpse of this celestial event, it's your only chance it may not happen again for years. Herod and the wise men the Wiseman had faith.

Come us for our reenactment of the story, some carols and sugarlans short devotional. Remember, this is the end of the year. Good Morning church Good morning so glad to see you here not only because you are here because I am here.

To you today is just people Ladies asian Flint whatever it is that we carry we bring our burdens. What would Herod think? They're very. Willing to follow God's sense of timing God's planning God's will ready to respond when God called ready to receive God's blessings on God's terms. Try You call my. The Scripture says that the wise men left by another road or you can say the wise men left differently will quite literally they were aware of hero's deceit that Serrvice really wanted to find whoever this child was so he could eliminate the child and they chose to return back to their home by another road.

All of them the seking Herod wise men were prosperous wealthy men who and men only who lived a life of luxury with servants. That's what. And that can happen when like the wise men we approach we approach God expectantly now let's assess and analyze the wise men the Magi and King Herod and this council of religious scholars in Jerusalem, both in Herod and also the.

Not wholesome and healthy and pure and righteous so much of the time. It'll be so much fun for kids and adults of all ages.

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He was paranoid exceedingly cruel, violent vicious. As I said, we're all brothers and sisters in the endeavor. And with that hunger for this emptiness that only God fills we've also been created with this in eight capacity and desire to worship. I have. Why wait till midnight just celebrate the new year at 6 PM, It makes a lot more sense to me, but anyway this year, I may stay up just to say. Thank you. Well, tomorrow is the 21st of December and that's the day that Saturn and Jupiter are the closest they'll ever be in our lifetime and ten other following they're so close in fact that they appear as one star star magnificent star, The Star Bethlehem, so if weather conditions are sugarlxnd if cloud coverage is at a minimum if you can find a band.

It's you're not spectators either online or here in the pews uh nuve driven what we mean by that is El Segundo area women where are you the message?

Best of new

So much on light the sugarlqnd that drew the wise men the light that guided the wise men sugarrland looked up and saw a star shining in the east beyond them far into the earth. We put our fears aside. Uh we got a lot going on Christmas Eve 5 o'clock our family oriented service won't have the interaction the engagement of running around like we normally do, but you're welcome to come or watch it online at 7 o'clock again. What names? I wait until 6 o'clock on New Year's Eve.

Hope you didn't start a Bethlehem shining through shadows giving a light for those who long have.

But you also know that spiritually something happened to them. Accurate and literal where they they going through Jerusalem, they took a different route to avoid Herod. Uh this year all of our expectations, all of our plans. I really don't care this happens just once a long time, but we're so glad seekint have you here. Darkness to your glorious day. Virgins The God.

Where is the one we seek? It was Herod who killed his own sons.

That's the way to do it. Let's bring that all to God right now through these songs through the words and through our prayer.

It's important that I protect myself, protect my interests so he assembled the scholars and leaders The priest describes the teachers and they gather to provide the answer to the question that the wise men pose Where is this new born King The star led to Jerusalem, but it was scripture that led them to Bethlehem.

They expected God to show up. They're taking their calendars their books anything that shows what they were to do and what they did in twenty and putting it in a pal and burning sercice.

You should experience God whenever you worship privately and publicly as the baptismal said, um that you should participate even online as nure, I hope you're having a good time online worshiping uh god it should have a message that helps us through the week. And twenty has certainly one of those years is it not the hurt the pain servicee fear the loss of life. Our goal is let's let's put on our list and put in there our habits. It's where they keeping their sheep on a cold Winter's night that was so deep.

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A song sufarland the Virgin sings are lost. Day you'll see glory to the newborn King. So I'd invite you to tune in to that Christmas.