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Shaggy professor looking for a student

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Shaggy has to complete the rest of the escape on sheer guts, and with some help from Tex and his biker friends. Agree and Continue. Eventually, they figure out that there were two phantosaurs and they were robots. Plot[ edit ] The Mystery Inc. Meanwhile, Scooby and Shaggy go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant and start to eat it out of business.

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He knocks out the whole motorcycle gang and repels all their assaults on him. Later, Shaggy and Scooby are chased by the Phantosaur and narrowly escape. Then the gang leader, a large, muscly man named Tex, arrives shaggj, taking an admitted liking to Shaggy, challenges him to a motorcycle race on Dead Man's curve. This information is shared with social media, sponsorship, analytics, and other vendors or service providers.

Shaggy confidently accepts, even shagvy he's never ridden a motorcycle before.

She misses an obvious clue about many footprints going to a part of the cave where Winsor says they never go because of the snakes that shaggg in the lower cave levels. When Shaggy asks if there is anything to eat, Hubley says no, but there is a barbecue in town.

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Hubley has an advanced hypnosis machine with a hologram projector. The GPS inside the van says aloud that if it had hands, it would remove the wig, but as such, it has none.

Shaggy and Scooby are too full to walk right away. While they are underground, the dynamite charges Svankmajor set to blast free the dinosaur crystal go off because Daphne left a paint-stripper on and the heat lit the fuses. Then he orders Shaggy to forget everything; unfortunately, Hubley himself is affected by the hypnosis and he can't remember the key word for Shaggy. Shaggy becomes more calm, but freaks out again when Mr.

Shaggy's hypnotic bravery comes in again when Svankmejer comments on how "bad" the lower caverns are, and he flawlessly le them toward the exit until Daphne praises him that he's "not bad.

They then go back studfnt La Serena Proofessor and Mr. Shaggy accidentally squirts the contents of a hot dog bun on stusent of the bikers, who angrily grabs him and tells him, "Little buddy, this is gonna be bad. The legend says the Phantosaur was summoned by Native Americans to drive out Spanish conquistadors, but it turned on them instead. Suddenly back to normal, Shaggy is terrified of the challenge he has just accepted, and by what he has just done to the rest of the gang.

They disguised three other graduate students in velociraptor costumes, and created an original red Phantosaur with an advanced holographic projector stolen from Hubley's hypnotism room and paint-stripper devices that Fifty reasons for B and G super-heated air for the fire effects. Shaggy and Tex have their motorcycle race as planned, and Shaggy hears "bad" just in time and almost wins, until a Phantosaur shows up and he profeszor in his mind that the monster must think it's so "bad," which is enough to make him cowardly again and get chased, but still miraculously wins the race.

Students rally to save job of blind professor

The culprits were w mining engineers who wanted the silver they found in the area, which they couldn't get to because of the paleontologists. They wanted to scare everyone off so they could dig it out and take it away.

Lookong video has been added to your member zone favourites. They had found a complete Allosaurus encased in quartz crystal, a beautiful and priceless find, and they wanted to keep it for themselves.

Student’s best friend: umkc professor’s research brings therapy dog to classroom

Thank you for your vote! That night, Daphne decides to give him motorcycling lessons, because she drove a motorcycle when she was five. The end of the movie shows them driving away in the "Mustard" Machine. Shaggy Teacher Bad Student porn videos There, they meet Mr.

Once back at Hubley's they find the hologram projector gone and they get attacked by a pack of Oooking and a ghostly fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus. Hubley tries to un-hypnotize Shaggy, but accidentally makes the entire gang turn into him. He meets the Phantosaur described as somewhat resembling an Appalachiosaurus by Professor Svankmajer and runs away. The remorseful Svankmajer and Winsor are arrested, but Velma says she will date Winsor again when he gets out of jail, which he happily agrees with.

Hubley, who works at the spa.

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As Shzggy leaves the restaurant, he tells Shaggy that he won't kill Shaggy "too bad. They learn that it was Professor Svankmajer and Winsor, much to Velma's dismay. He hypnotizes Shaggy to become fearless and unstoppable when he heard the word "bad," and to switch back to normal when he hears it again.

The gang goes to the barbecue, and all but Shaggy and Scooby-Doo go off to see the paleontological dig whaggy Professor Svankmajer. You have already voted for this video!

Developing students' trust: the key to a learning partnership

See details. Hubley helps with aromatherapy, assisted by Scooby-Doo adding a Scooby Snack to the aromas.

Hubley tells them the legend of the Phantosaur, the ghost of a predatory dinosaur. She instantly sees him as a soul mate and they plan to go out on a date, to which Fred replies to Daphne, "On our own for clue searching then.

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Daphne, Fred, and Velma go back to the dig to look for clues, but Velma is so love struck that she's not much use. Then a biker gang comes in.

A post-credits scene reveals shagyy "Mustard" Machine wearing a wig that looks like Shaggy's hairstyle. Meanwhile, Professor Svankmajor shows the rest of the gang over the dig, and Velma meets Svankmajor's student, Winsor. You can adjust your cookie choices in those tools at any time. When they set out, a gila monster steals a biscuit from them, causing Scooby to go after it.