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His day began with the milking of cows, followed by a big breakfast of homemade bread and honey from the bees he kept. He knew who his people were and he lived a life grounded in one time and one place.

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Metaphor and myth classification schemes fit here. All of these holons form our identities. Are there "real" transorganizations or just metaphors and stories?

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While postmodernists and poststructuralists are golon of Grand narratives Lyotard, that violently aggregate it all into universal histories. Giles Deleuze develps the transversality theory in studies of a psychiatric ward. The third thesis makes it clear that applied and problem-oriented philosophy must in no way amount to a simple application of abstract philosophical models to reality.

Open-ended: The top and the bottom of holarchies are not holo. This activity of holon decomposing and novelty creation accelerates in the postmodern world of global commerce, virtual work on the Internet, and the mobility our great grandparents did not face. Wilber b: 64 also makes the point that "deconstruction maintained that all meaning is context-dependent, and contexts are boundless.

We might explore the hermeneutics of constituting agency, referentiality, and how we embed our lokoing to communities of interpretation and intertextuality. Through our storytelling we articulate our sense of lived-through historical experience as we attempt to achieve both a measure of self-identity and a comprehension of our social and natural world.

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Narratives articulate, disclose, make manifest, intimate, reveal and thus comport their own agency of reference. For example he says "Storytelling is a way of presencing sense and reference as moments within a configurative project of understanding" What this means is that the narrating voice grasps together plots and characters into a space that is between modernity and postmodernity. The essay therefore switches to a post-graduate level where I explore the relation between transorganizational holons, narrative, and transversality.

Characteristics of Holarchies: Bi-directionality: Each holon can receive als as maitland craigslist personals w4m as send als. Thirdly, it's only when reason productively analyses the subconscious entanglements of rationalities that it will be suitably equipped to solve contemporary problems The key characteristics of a holon include that it asserts its individuality in order to maintain the set order in the tree structurebut it also submits to the demands of the whole tree structure the system in order to make the system viable.

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What follows are several appendices to help you explore holon theory. Pepper also draws in formistic e.

We narrate across and between contexts, belief systems, etc. In narrating we are invited into the existential realities of the narrator's and our own co-created everyday lives.

List the communities within communities you live and work in. When it does break down, it decomposes into its subholons: cells loojing into molecules, which break down into atoms, which can be "smashed: infinitely under intense pressure a: For a good summary of the relations of narrating and transverality see Schrag who develops transversal theories of narrative rationality and sense-giving articulations that transcend basic dualities i.

The pull to be a whole, the pull to be a part, to pull up, the pull down: agency, communion, transcendence, dissolution" Wilber, a: Locate each of the following lists in your various relationships: List the systems within systems you live and work womsn. Grand narratives of great-men Generals and Presidents leading Great nations are emerging and self-deconstructing into multiple postmodern histories and thousands of "little people" stories that were being marginalized in the grand aggregations.

Abduction is a " softer system " of inquiry to explore and trace holonic embedded contexts. Transorganization is the holon of how many organizations we are a part of from multiple work organizations, such as professional associations, suppliers, customers, vendors, subcontractors, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

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They commune to construct storytelling organizations. Guattari's point is that rather than creating more Cartesian dualisms such as that of Pepper's metaphors of the world, we can focus on the the transversal interconnections and on movement and acts of becoming. His day began with the milking of cows, followed by a big breakfast of homemade bread and honey from the bees he kept.

Exemplars - Fred and Merrelyn Emery's purposive systems and contextualism applications of Pepper and Peirce abduction. The fourth worldview of contextualism, primarily the terrain of the pragmatists, particularly Charles Sanders Peirce, is a recent arrival.

Level behavior: The holon at one level is not necessarily the "sum" of its subordinates. Physical and social science has spent five centuries debating mechanistic versus organic worldviews, and several doing formistic classification and logical deductive work.

Koestler, The holon implications are that in narrating, the narrator is situating his or her story in contxts of shared language, common social practices, shared beliefs, and Looking for college girld that are given historical meaning. Critique - "The wholeness of the holon is not found in any of its parts, and that puts an end to a certain reductionistic frenzy that has plagued Ohlon science virtually form its inception" Wilber, a: Microstories are embedded within macrostories within Grand narratives, and contexts within contexts.